Use these Risk of Rain 2 mods to make the most of the full release (2024)

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Risk of Rain 2 has recently launched out of early access. The game is now out in the wild as a full-fledged release, and has been improved upon with community feedback. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. I’m not saying that it needs further improvement, but I have found a few Risk of Rain 2 mods that go a long way to providing even more replayability.

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Gameplay improvements

These Risk of Rain 2 mods will provide some tweaks to gameplay that you might find useful. They’re not outright game-breaking, but they do give you a helping hand in some areas, and allow for unique runs for those looking for something different.


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This mod contains a collection of tweaks and improvements for Risk of Rain 2. Everything can be changed according to your preferences, including items drops, location pings, and even a starter pack. It’s a great way to mix things up without making a drastic change.

Faster 3D Printers

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One of the biggest sources of wasted time in this game is standing around waiting for 3D printers. This mode makes them create items almost instantaneously, skipping the wait that you’d usually have. The mod also enables rapid interaction, allowing you to quickly pop by a 3D printer while being chased by a horde of enemies.

Infinite Chance

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This mod is for those who have ended a level, seen a Shrine of Chance nearby, and wanted to gamble on it but can’t. Usually this is due to the fact that you’ve wasted everything you have gambling already. What Infinite Chance does is allow you to increase your chances of winning every time you fail. It also removes that pesky limit of two items per shrine, and increases it to 9,000. It also lets you mess with the cost modifier, so you can set the cost to 0 and gamble to your heart’s content.

Increase Huntress Range

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This is a mod for Huntress mains. It increases the survivor’s range every time you level them up. There’s also an option to enable god mode, which allows the range to cover the entire map. This second option should be fun for a couple of matches, but it might cheapen the game if you keep using it.

Classic Items

Download Link

If you loved the first Risk of Rain, then this mod was made for you. It brings some of the items that didn’t cross over to the sequel. There are quite a lot of items that have been added with this mod, but be warned, some of them will lead to ludicrous and silly runs that you won’t be able to complete due to laughing so hard that you cry.

Diluvian Difficulty

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If you find the base game too easy, look for no other mod than this. Diluvian Difficulty is an entirely new level of challenge, much harder than Monsoon. The unique modifiers include scaling difficulty up by 75%, and taking the player’s health regeneration down by 60%. Anyone who actually manages to complete this mode will unlock another even harder difficulty. However, this additional mode is said to be so hard that it’s nearly unplayable. Good luck.

Buff Plus

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Buff Plus is a very simple mod that just adds a timer to buffs, adding a bit more flavoring for the game.

Item Exchange

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This is one of the most useful Risk of Rain 2 mods on this list. It lets players drop items to the ground when they want something else. All it does is add a new icon to your item bar, which is just the drop action. Once again, it’s more added flavor for the game that will definitely suit a portion of the fan base.

Playable survivors

There are a lot of playable survivor mods for this game. It was hard to whittle them down to just the interesting or unbroken ones, but this small collection is what I’d recommend.


Download Link

The Sniper is an original Survivor who is sure to mix up your next run. They’re a long-range specialist, if that wasn’t obvious from the name, and can destroy enemies from ridiculous distances. The mod even features a unique character model, and should serve to keep the game fresh even if you’ve mastered the available survivors.

The Necro

Download Link

What is the Necro? It’s almost a necromancer, but it feels a little more like Iron Man. This survivor has hands of energy, and can even cause a small climate storm to wipe out enemies. you won’t see any of these abilities coming, and that’s a good thing in my book.

The Mentalist

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This survivor mod has a definite Eastern mythology feel to it. You create auras of energy to damage enemies, and can even erratically shift your direction in any way you define. The Mentalist looks like quite a difficult survivor to play as, but one that’s very impressive when mastered.

The Puppeteer

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This survivor is actually a combination of abilities from other survivors. It’s nowhere near as impressive as the original ones like the Sniper, but it would definitely mix things up for those who have been playing for years.

The Maniac

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This survivor is genuinely nuts. It’s a character that will prove to be more of a hazard to themselves than they are to enemies if players don’t pay attention. One of his abilities sees him detonate his own fusion core, causing a massive explosion that decimates the field, and obviously kills him. Play with caution, and a team who is willing to help you out of intense situations.

Chip The Beetle

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Unfortunately, this mod doesn’t work in multiplayer, but it’s fun nonetheless. Chip the Beetle is a mad character to play as, opting to use body parts over weapons. It can use head butts, and jumps around as a bouncing ball.

Just for fun

These mods are probably good for one or two runs in the game. They’re a lot of fun, but they won’t dramatically improve your time. Still, they’re good if you’re bored of vanilla Risk of Rain 2.


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This mod won’t be for everyone, but it certainly serves a purpose. It removes the skirt from Artificer, and the scarf from Huntress. On top of this, it makes both thiccer. Take that how you will. This is a mod that you really need to see to believe.

Silly Items

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If you’ve ever wanted to see some ridiculous items stacked up on your survivor, this is the mod you’ve been waiting for. It messes up the rules for item stacks, and the results look like what you’d expect every Fallout protagonist does when they’re over-encumbered.

Show Death Cause

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This is a great mod for teams who regularly play together. All of those embarrassing times you’ve died will now be highlighted to your friends. It’s an added incentive not to die in a dumb way more than anything, but should also make for a good laugh.

First-Person View

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This mod is outlandishly silly. It transports you into first person view of whatever survivor you’re playing as. Good luck, because this is going to make the game so much harder to play.

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Use these Risk of Rain 2 mods to make the most of the full release (2024)
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