The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (2024)

The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (1)

Risk of Rain 2 mods have provided players ways to improve and expand the popular third-person rogue-lite even during its time in Early Access. Having now fully released on Steam, RoR2 mods have kept drawing more eyes towards them, even with the current lack of Workshop support.

To help provide a starting point for modding the game, here is our list of the best Risk of Rain 2 mods, covering a variety of picks from the rather extensive library that’s available.

Our list of the Best RoR2 mods features a variety of picks from required frameworks to others that expand the number of available items, add new playable characters, and beyond.

  • BepInExPack
  • R2API
  • ShareSuite
  • BiggerBazaar
  • RoRCheats
  • ItemStatsMod
  • Enforcer
  • DronesInheritItems
  • BetterUI

It’s worth keeping in mind that, even with game updates slowing down, mod creators might take a while to update their mods. If you’re encountering compatibility issues with some of our choices for the best Risk of Rain 2 mods, it’s worth exercising some patience over the next few days or weeks.


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (4)

BepInExPack is the first piece of the modding puzzle, being required both to run loads of Risk of Rain 2 mods and if you’re planning to ever get into creating your own modifications now or at some point in the future. Grab it from


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (5)

The second piece of the Risk of Rain 2 modding puzzle is modding framework R2API that works in tandem with BepInExPack to ensure the game’s mods stay compatible with each other, as much as possible. You can also grab it from


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (6)

Risk of Rain 2’s global item drops aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. With the ShareSuite mod, you can party up with other players using it and share loot between you, reducing the number of times that item you really wanted gets stolen from right under your nose or accidentally picked up. The mod also makes all gathered gold go into a group pool. Grab it from


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (7)

BiggerBazaar is a handy mod that expands the in-game Bazaar, giving players more items on which to spend their hard-earned money or lunar coins. The Shopkeeper lets you exchange Lunar Coins for money, while the money cost of items scales with difficulty. Grab it from


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (8)

RoRCheats is a Risk of Rain 2 mod that adds a cheat menu to Hopoo Games’ rogue-lite. You get to bypass the game’s restrictions with classics like god mode or infinite skills but also give yourself money, experience, increased damage, and all other sorts of advantages you’d otherwise need to work and pray to RNGesus for. Get it from


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (9)

RoR2’s ItemStats mod calculates the bonuses gained from stacking multiple items of the same type and also shows them on the respective items’ tooltips. It’s a small but significant addition that lets you better gauge how strong your character becomes over the course of a playthrough. Grab it from


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (10)

A name familiar to those who’ve played the original, the Enforcer mod brings the bulky fighter into RoR2. Boasting a mixture of offensive and defensive abilities, including one that blocks all damage from the front, the Enforcer is a worthwhile pick if your party needs some added protection. Find it on


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (11)

Often when playing alone, but not exclusively, finding an AI-controlled buddy to accompany you is usually a reason to celebrate. Some runs can end up feeling a tad lonely, even with the endless amount of foes breathing down your neck, and refusing help is, after all, foolish. The DronesInheritItems mod actually makes companions like Solus Probes, Aurelionite, Queen Guards, Ghosts, and Squid Turrets even better, by letting them take advantage of the items in your inventory. On top of that, there’s even an option to generate items for them, if you dabble in the config files. Get it from


The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (12)

The BetterUI mod is the perfect pick if you’re looking for a more comprehensive set of improvements to the base game’s interface. It comes with a customizable character stat screen, DPS meter, proc coefficient for your skills, improved item sorting, as well as timers that keep track of how long your buffs stay active. You can find it on

Non-essential Risk of Rain 2 Mods

We’ll keep updating our list of the best Risk of Rain 2 mods over the coming weeks so be sure to check back regularly for new additions.

Risk of Rain 2 is out now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods (2024)
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