Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (2024)

Risk of Rain 2 is a sequel to the incredible roguelike of the same name created by Hopoo Games. Despite its change in perspective and additional dimension added, many of the same characters return to Risk of Rain 2 from the original, and even more are new, added since the game's release.

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When characters are returning with much fanfare, players can’t help but wonder what the game would be like with their idea for a character in it. But, in reality, what are the best of these character mods? Whether inspired by anime or totally unique, these character mods truly make this incredible game something special.

Updated October 23, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Risk of Rain 2 continues to innovate and expand, thanks to its dedicated team of developers. Players were recently greeted by the Survivors of the Void expansion, which brought two new characters with it. This pack marks the first expansion pack to grace the series, adding more content to the already expansive, looping adventure. As expected, modders were already hard at work trying to tweak new game elements and characters. Those looking for Risk of Rain 2 character mods will appreciate the work that modders put into tweaking the skins and providing all-new characters. To better showcase some of the most recent offerings, the following list has been updated with more entries.

19 Railgunner Skin Tweaks

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (1)

There isn't much especially altering floating around for Railgunner yet, but there are modders that have tweaked the character's initial skins a bit, adding new flavor and flair to them. This dual skin pack from RetroInspired makes small tweaks and detail changes to Railgunner, to great effect. Those looking for something different for their powerful sniper can deck them out in a hoodless getup with night vision goggles.

Those not satisfied with Railgunners stock color palette can opt for the stark white snow-inspired suit.

18 Loona Railgunner

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (2)

There aren't a lot of Railgunner mods available currently that change more than a few bits and pieces of the original outfit. Most are skin reworks that do small things like remove the hood or change the overall color scheme of Railgunner's stock attire.

The Loona Railgunner skin from Runefox237 is one of the only ones available that completely change the aesthetic of the character, replacing it with a unique model. Helluva Boss fans will definitely gravitate towards this rather well-made skin, complete with its own set of physics. Those that are tired of sniping through enemies as a traditional Railgunner model can now do so as a rather vicious hellhound.

17 Void Queen Artificer

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (3)

There aren't many Void Fiend skins as of writing, as players are finding it a bit difficult to mod the character's skin due to their unique abilities and design. That hasn't stopped some stalwart modders from adding Void-like touches to some of the other previously established characters. The Void Queen is a lithe, trimmed out version of the Artificer that features extra glowing lights and a beautiful design that fits perfectly with Risk of Rain 2's aesthetic.

Arty_Boyos claims to have made this for a friend, but the end result is something truly spectacular that takes the Void Fiend to another level visually.

16 Spirit Blossom Kindred Huntress

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (4)

Players that enjoy League of Legends will definitely resonate with this awesome model rip that replaces Hunter's stock skin with Kindred, of LoL fame. Many players fell in love with the Asian-inspired Spirit Blossom skin for the terrifying huntress of death herself. Those looking to take the Lamb into Risk of Rain 2 can do so with this detailed skin, although they won't have Wolf to tag along for the ride.

The Kindred motif fits so well with Huntress' movements that perhaps the modder, Serynn, will consider putting more of the League of Legend icons' skins into mod form.

15 Admiral

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (5)

The Admiral is a character-overhaul for a relatively recent addition to Risk of Rain 2’s lineup, especially on consoles: the Captain. The Captain is both high damage and highly versatile, but often suffers from problems in mobility that make this character a sitting duck. These problems are not insurmountable for experienced players, but also decrease their long-term usefulness in general.

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The Admiral mod promotes this character and makes it both fun to play and slightly more mobile. It also comes with a slew of balance tweaks to make it even more worth playing, and the base game being as content-rich as it is, even simple fundamental changes like this are sometimes enough to reveal greatness.

14 MEL-T

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (6)

MUL-T is one of the most satisfying and high-intensity survivors currently out, but the gimmick of his character often leaves some to be desired. MEL-T is the community’s answer, creating a mechanic based around the management of heat.

MEL-T thrives based on his heat level and can use certain abilities more effectively using this mechanic. He keeps many of the same issues as MUL-T but augments them somewhat with a variety of weapon choices. Even so, they are carefully balanced around each other, creating a pair of devastating yet niche picks for any run.

13 SamusMod

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (7)

Crossovers are a favorite for modern modding communities, and SamusMod is no different. It takes inspiration from Metroid, creating a kit based entirely on moves from that series of popular games. Samus starts off with an exceptional set of abilities, and with some items can become a true powerhouse.

This mod has VR support and multiplayer functionality, meaning that players can all play as Samus or back her up with their own character kits. Either way, this is a mod to download for anyone who is a fan of roguelikes and Metroid.

12 Arbiter

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (8)

While most of the survivors in Risk of Rain 2 do damage on their own or using over-time effects, the Arbiter takes a unique approach to dish out DPS, even among mods. The Arbiter applies a debuff to enemies that makes them deal damage to themselves whenever they use a skill or attack. The kit of this survivor is based on this unique approach to combat.

A player experimenting with this unique character will find themself speeding up enemy attacks, debuffing enemies, and spreading their special crowd control to create a truly chaotic battlefield. Mastering the debuffs this character provides, as well as some powerful builds present in the base game, creates strange opportunities for interactions between enemies and the arbiter, an innovative take on the classic gameplay of this roguelike shooter.

11 TheHouse

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (9)

Card games might seem not to have a place anywhere near this roguelike shooter. But with TheHouse mod, these conventions are shattered, creating a unique randomized experience that allows for much greater depth than in any other character.


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The revolver that TheHouse carries shoots in random order with unique effects, and can only be reloaded by drawing a card from his deck of unique effects. He is truly a one-of-a-kind character, even for this innovative game series.

10 PaladinMod

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (10)

A support character is a bold addition to this roguelike shooter, but combining them with the melee tanks of normal gameplay is even more adventurous. PaladinMod takes these risks using the guise of a familiar trope.

The Paladin of this fully custom character mod can dish out splash damage on a grand scale, and then use stacks gained from those attacks to heal and empower allies. Although solo viable, this mod is best enjoyed as a group where the unique strengths of this character can truly shine.

9 Holomancer

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (11)

The Holomancer is the community's take on the summoner class that many games feature. Risk of Rain 2 often features mechanics based around this idea, allowing the player to summon drones and turrets to decimate enemies. The Holomancer is more mobile and can sacrifice minions to augment its own abilities.

Frequent patches and timely changes make this mod a unique addition to the base game and to the growing community collection of mods. So, despite being unfinished, this unique character is a welcome addition to the game that has innovated roguelikes since its conception.

8 Chefmod

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (12)

While not the most immersive, ChefMod adds in a certain fan-favorite robotic cook from the original Risk of Rain. The playstyle of this robot is as an immobile mage with a lot of debuffs for enemies that may chase him.

The chef is silly, powerful, and sure to fit in among the characters of the sequel to Risk of Rain. Frequent patches and user input have made this mod a truly amazing addition to the community, and a useful ally against all the challenges this game can offer, including the challenging final boss.

7 Gunslinger

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (13)

An experienced Risk of Rain 2 modder can only aspire to reach the level of extra polish found in the Gunslinger character mod. This unique character comes with extra skins, skills, and map gradients designed to add to the western theme of this pistol-wielding desperado.

Trying this character mod is an easy choice if only for the extra skins added just for fun by the team behind this creative addition. With the right collection of items, he makes for an unstoppable force.

6 TTGL Mod

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (14)

For anime fans, and particularly fans of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, a mod based on this iconic series can only be a good thing. Even better, this mod is well done, essentially being a concoction of multiple self-contained mods that each have a basis in the show.


The characters added by this project all have abilities that are taken from the source material, and some are adapted in very creative ways to make this a one-of-a-kind mod. While it is a work in progress, it does set a precedent for future mods of pulling in outside sources for inspiration, which could yield spectacular results.

5 MinerUnearthed

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (15)

Drawing on the ideas found in the original Risk of Rain, MinerUnearthed adds the Miner from the previous game's modding community to the current iteration. This particular character is both innovative, mobile, and uses a mechanic not often found in other characters: gold.

The currency of this game buffs the Miner and changes his playstyle to match, making for a fun character for any player. The Miner's inability to be knocked back during some effects compliments his beefy playstyle, and gives his character a lot of depth that many others lack.

4 Sniper

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (16)

The Sniper mod reintroduces a fan favorite from the first game into Risk of Rain 2, creating a unique and balanced character that plays in a totally unique way. The mod is polished and highly professional, feeling as if it was pulled straight out of the base game.

Multiple skins complement this character's playstyle, meaning that players can look great while melting bosses. Although they do struggle against hoards of enemies, with a balanced team, anything is possible for this long-ranged, efficient assassin.

3 Enforcer

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (17)

The Enforcer adds as a playable character one of the original survivors from Risk of Rain. Equipped with a riot shield and shotgun, these two weapons dominate his playstyle even in the mod. The Enforcer in Risk of Rain 2 will often bash enemies, throw tear gas grenades, and use his defensive stance to mitigate damage in particular directions.

While the Enforcer in this mod isn't particularly mobile, he promotes a unique playstyle that many players don't consider. He moves the game in a healthy direction, not to mention that he is entirely fanmade and highly polished as a bonus.

2 HereticUnchained

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (18)

While many mods seek to add completely new characters to this roguelike shooter, HereticUnchained makes an existing character much more accessible and fun to play. This game is riddled with secrets, even among the items, and so the current secretive nature of the modded character has made it a pain to unlock. The Heretic already plays with many new mechanics, but this mod takes it one step further.

The Heretic bases their skills on their items, and has many strange mechanics associated with the draining and replenishment of health. This mod overhauls the numbers behind each ability, balances the normal items, and allows players to use the items on any character more effectively. This mod is a must-try for Risk of Rain 2 enthusiasts.

1 Daredevil

Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (19)

DaredevilMod adds a fun, mobile, and challenging character for new players and veterans alike. Wielding both pistols and a sword, the Daredevil jumps around the battlefield blasting enemies with powerful splash damage abilities.

The Daredevil allows for many flashy, normally impossible combos and plays to be made all throughout the game. From the initial landing to the final boss, the Daredevil is a blast to mess around with at the worst of times, and at the best of times, he is a fantastic addition even among the original early access characters.

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Risk of Rain 2: 19 Best Character Mods (2024)
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