Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (2024)

For anybody who has played the first game in this series, Risk of Rain 2 feels like a natural evolution of the formula. Escaping an alien planet and fighting hundreds of angry creatures is even more fun in a 3D environment. Like any popular game on PC, you can also use tons of mods.


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Mods provide new mechanics, new items, playable characters from different franchises, new enemies, and many other changes. They range from quality-of-life adjustments to fun new additions that refresh your experience. Here, you can find some of the best Risk of Rain 2 mods out there.

Updated February 24, 2024 by Jacqueline Zalace: Risk of Rain 2 is updated fairly often, which can cause mods to quickly become outdated. We've updated this list by adding a few more great Risk of Rain 2 mods, as well as removing some mods that are no longer available.

12 ArtificerExtended

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (2)

Artificer is one of the many playable characters in Risk of Rain 2. This survivor has immense offensive ability and can mow down enemies in a flash, although you should keep in mind that this all-out offense is balanced out with poor defensive and healing capabilities.

The ArtificerExtended mod aims to change the experience of playing as this character if you've already become slightly bored of the vanilla Artificer. Make sure to read up on these changes so that you don't get a rude awakening while trying to play this modded Artificer as you would normally.

11 Goku

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (3)

This Goku mod allows you to ki blast your way through the countless aliens by playing as Son Goku. This survivor mod is very polished; it has voice lines, animations, and many different abilities.

With this mod, Goku can use his many different techniques, such as the Kaio-Ken and the Dragon Fist Explosion. He can also access all transformations shown in the anime, up to Ultra Instinct. Goku is very strong and can run really fast, leap high, fly, and charge up his Kamehameha to entirely destroy huge enemies with a single attack.

10 EmptyChestsBeGone

Looting is a huge part of the gameplay loop in Risk of Rain 2. So, it can be pretty annoying to try and loot all chests, only to find out that the majority of them have already been opened and are simply distracting the player.

This is where the EmptyChestsBeGone mod proves to be a huge help. It removes any opened chests from the map and removes any confusion that you might experience from trying to open chests that have already been looted.

9 ProperSave

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (5)

Risk of Rain 2 can be played for hours on end. However, life can hit at any time, and sometimes, it's pretty frustrating when you aren't able to just stop playing and take an extended break.


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Thankfully, the ProperSave mod will take care of this issue for you. It saves progress at the start of every stage, so that you can come back to it if you quit the game in the middle of a run. Of course, this save is deleted when you die so that the system can't be abused.

8 ScannerPlusOne

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (7)

The Scanner in Risk of Rain 2 is critical if you want to loot everything in a stage before moving on. However, this can unintentionally make things more complicated because of the sheer number of things that pop up on the screen when the scanner is used.

The ScannerPlusOne mod is a great way to customize the things detected by the scanner to make playing less overwhelming. The mod even adds a helpful note in the chat so that you know exactly what needs to be looted without having to scour the map.

7 BiggerBazaar

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (8)

The Bazaar is one of the most useful locations in Risk of Rain 2. The success of future runs is pretty much governed by the inventory that you possess, making this area integral to ensure long run.

So, it should be obvious what the BiggerBazaar mod does — it increases the total number of items in the Bazaar, and allows you to use either money or Lunar coins to purchase the same.

6 Multitudes

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (9)

This Risk of Rain 2 mod is perfect for those who are looking for a challenge. It increases the difficulty by changing the player count (without adding more real players), causing the game to throw harder enemies and larger hoards at you.

There's no increased gold or rewards to compensate for the extra difficulty. The goal of the mod is to provide a more intense experience with many extra aliens to be killed. This mod doesn't really set a limit to how many players the game will think to be on the map, but going with three-digit numbers might cause the game to choke and have long loading pauses.

5 BetterUI

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (10)

The vanilla UI of Risk of Rain 2 might be pretty decent in its own right, but there's no denying the fact that there are various improvements that could be made regardless. Apparently, a modder thought the same as well.


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The BetterUI mod integrates a whole host of toggle-possible options that can drastically improve the UI of the game. These implementations include an item counter, a DPS meter, and a stats display. It's no wonder most people consider BetterUI to be one of Risk of Rain 2's best mods.

4 Starstorm2

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (12)

Starstorm was one of the best Risk of Rain mods, so it's only a given that the sequel mod was bound to be a hit.

However, the changes that have already been integrated through this mod are nothing short of breathtaking. A host of new items, challenges, and survivors mean that Starstorm2 has the potential to be the best Risk of Rain 2 mod around.

3 Enforcer

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (13)

Much like the original Enforcer, this one has a gun and a Riot shield that makes him immune to all damage coming from the direction he is facing. This survivor does have a slower and tank-like playstyle. However, it is a new take on how to play the game. It makes a run feel fresh by offering a different challenge that demands good positioning and crowd control.

This mod is distinct and polished; it will be especially pleasing for those who were fond of the original Enforcer. But even for those who were not, it is a great, balanced survivor that only adds to the game.

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (14)

One of the biggest annoyances that you can face in Risk of Rain 2 is when you fail to obtain any major pieces of equipment during one particular run. The fact that other players might get luckier with item drops also rubs salt on this wound.


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Thankfully, ShareSuite is a balanced mod that ends up fixing most of the issues people have with loot sharing. It's the immense utility of this mod that easily qualifies it as one of the best mods for Risk of Rain 2.

1 TooManyFriends

Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (16)

Have you ever tried to play Risk of Rain 2 with a group of friends, only to realize you had one extra person? The vanilla version of the game only supports four people, but with TooManyFriends, you can have up to 16 players.

Everything in the game works exactly the same, but you will just be able to do a run with more friends. For those that have a group of five or more, this mod is essential.


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Risk Of Rain 2: 12 Best Mods (2024)
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