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August 7, 2009August 16, 2023 Fitz 47 comments

Updated: August 16, 2023

How big is one million pesos? What I mean is physical. Can you visualize how much one million pesos would be?

Last night, a thought came to me suddenly. If someone gave me a million pesos today, how would I bring it to the bank?

Instantly, I imagine myself holding a briefcase containing all that money and walking through the doors of the bank.

I’d put the briefcase on the counter and say to the teller, “I’d like to deposit one million pesos to my account, please.”

Nice huh? Just like in the movies…

How Big Is One Million Pesos? (1)

But before I could continue with my thoughts, I suddenly remembered that not so long ago – a friend of mine had sold his car. The next day, I accompanied him to the bank to deposit the payment.

After the transaction, I asked him, “Why didn’t you deposit everything?”

“What do you mean?” he replied. “I deposited everything – all P400,000 – see?” he said as he showed me his deposit slip. “Those 3 white letter envelopes I had in my hand were everything.”

That memory made me realize that my earlier “briefcase scenario” could possibly be not so cool and realistic after all.

Imagine proudly opening the briefcase to the teller, then you showing an almost empty briefcase with nothing inside but 8 white envelopes.

A bit embarrassing, I would say and comes as almost melodramatic.

How One Million Pesos Looks Like

Restless with my thoughts, I went to my brother, who was currently counting his businesssales for the week.

I borrowed 100 pcs of paper bills and did a little experiment.

How Big Is One Million Pesos? (2)

Shown above is a bundle of 100 pcs of Philippine Peso bills. No, they’re not all P1,000. But if they were, that would easily sum up to P100,000.

And how big is that bundle exactly? I took a ruler and measured it.

How Big Is One Million Pesos? (3)

How Big Is One Million Pesos? (4)

How Big Is One Million Pesos? (5)

A Philippine Peso bill is approximately 16 cm in length and 7 cm in depth. The height (thickness) of the bundle is approximately 1 centimeter.

Thus, P1,000,000 would be approximately 1,120 cubic centimeters in volume or just the size of a medium food Styrofoam packaging, which is approximately 15 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm (inside measurements).

How Big Is One Million Pesos? (6)

How Big Is One Million Pesos? (7)

So why am I telling you all this?

I guess it’s my way of saying that one million pesos is not that much money after all (well, at least physically).

This is good because you can now do some visualization by grabbing that fast food Styrofoam that contained your lunch today. Close your eyes and manifest having that one million pesos.

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  1. Wow! 1M in just one styrofoam luchbox! I never thought of that!

  2. astig fitz! i super like this post. i have always wondered myself how thick is a million. and when you measure it, you’ll realize it’s not as big as you imagine it to be. it’ll be hundred millions na para mapuno ang briefcase. 😀

  3. fun post! ahahaha! actually I’ve held P1M and distributed it in less than 1 hour I have a photo kaso I don’t want to post baka makidnap pa ako lolz 😛

  4. That’s how my blog “Millionaire Acts” was born – through the Law of Attraction.

    Nice post Fitz! 🙂

  5. Hmmm… that made me think you are literally already a “millionaire” Fitz! Am I right? Hehe…

  6. I really can save a million pesos now that I know what it looks like 🙂

  7. yun briefcase pang deal or no deal lang yun. malimit din ako sa bank non araw kasi collector ang job ko. kaso puro checks.ahehe. kumporme siguro yan sa denomination, kung 1M na piso e kulang 2 balde.ahehe

  8. but, it’d be a great feeling to know that you’ve made (as opposed to earned) your first million! can’t wait! ahahaha…

  9. Hahah. That was fun Fitz! I bet, you had lots of fun writing this post. 😀

  10. hahahaha! ok tong article mo ah.. Kasyang kasaya pala yung 1M sa loob ng maliit kong sling bag. hehe 😀

  11. may naalala ako sa artikulo mo pre…yung kay erap…di ba nagkakatalo dati sila sa pera na galing sa jueteng? yung pinambayad daw kay erap..tapos may nagbubuhat na tao…may nagbanggit ng dami ng pera…pero kung isang milyon na ang isang medium na styrofoam at suitcase daw ang binitbit na pera kay erap…hindi lang mani yung perang pinangbayad sa kanya…Baka limpak na salapi yun!

  12. nice one! i thought of that too before but was lazy to do it. Thanks for this visual, now i know. 🙂

  13. Wow! Sana makapulot ako ng styro box na may lamang 1 million pesos, wahahah!

    By the way, nice meeting you last night Fritz, though I guess lady luck ran scarce on our palms, kasi hindi kami napag-uwi nila bloggista ng 1 million sa paglalaro, eheheh!

  14. Ang galing ng concept Fitz!

    I remember during my internship with Union Bank, way way back (haha). The bank was having trouble supplying coins to its big clients like fast food restaurants and they asked me to look into coin management and find possible coin sources besides the BSP. Anyway, I suggested the PUJs and jueteng. Back then, they were weighing coins instead of counting them to determine amount. Imagine how heavy 1 million pesos is in 1 peso coins! Haha! Isang drum siguro?

  15. This is such a cool post. It’s not that much after all…

    But it will be big if you invest it right, eh?

    GM T

  16. If the styro lunch box can accommodate the 1M peso bills, so pwede na palang ipasok sa six pockets na pantalon ang ganung halaga… heheheh
    very creative posting, akala ko payouts mo galing sa Adsense at affiliates… 🙂

  17. Funny and creative post! hehe nag-enjoy ako ah. Thanks for the insights!

  18. Wow, so many replies. Thanks everyone!

    @Kevin – yeah, konti lang noh?

    @rors – I’m glad you liked this post, I guess naunahan kita mag-sukat ng pera. Hehe.

    @earth – distributed P1M in less than an hour? anong ginawa mo dun? charity work or something?

    @Tyrone – nope, my net worth says that I’m not a millionaire yet; but definitely working on it 😀

    @Dinah – yeah, but I think it would be really hard for me to save a million pesos because personally, I’d be tempted to invest the money once it’s around P300k. 😀

    @itot – wah, iba naman yun eh! hehe.

    @Gugol – yeah, of course, the feeling would be really different, balato ha when you’ve made your first million 😀

    @Mighty – yes I had real fun, and actually, this was a post born out of boredom

    @Jehz – as if you don’t know, di ba lagi kang may baon na P1M dun sa sling bag mo? 😛

    @Raymund – that’s right, and it’s quite improbably that the money he had were just P20 bills

    @ana – no problem 🙂

    @elmot – nice meeting you too that night, hope to see you more in blogger events

    @Rina – haha, sige, next project yan, one million peso coins… wah! 😀

    @GM Tristan – oh definitely, it would be much bigger in due time if you invest it

    @ariston – yes, kasya ang P1M sa pantalon mo, but it would be a bit bulky, by the way, peso it eh, dollars ang payout ko sa Adsense and affiliates ko 😛 hehe.

    @Lee – no problem, I’m glad you enjoyed the post

  19. OA naman pala yung mga palabas sa TV. thanks PAPA Fitz sa post. ngayon every time kakain ako sa styro eh mamalala ko tong post mong ito… ahihihih.. very informative.. share ko sa mga friends ko yan. ahihihih..

    *araw araw na lang kaya ako kumain sa styro para masabi kong “I’m a Millionaire” ahihihihi..

  20. very big!!!!!

  21. Wow..that’s crazy but it certainly puts things in perspective! well done!

  22. 1 million pesos, Thats funny YOUR funny. talk about not being a millionaire . The papers more then the mark

  23. […] Ready to be Rich – How Big Is One Million Pesos? […]

  24. […] Ready to be Rich – How Big Is One Million Pesos? […]

  25. wow. great post. i enjoyed reading it. hehehe. how i wish makapulot ako ng stryo na may 1M too. 🙂

  26. Hi fitz!

    I was thinking, when I lived in the Philippines, it seemed that even in the place where i lived (think province of Negros Oriental) …that if a person has 1M peso, then it would immediately be consumed by their home!

    How much money do you think that they would need to actually live the Millionaire lifestyle?

    Also … in Manila, to have a nice apartment in an upscale location is napaka mahal … therefore, a millionaire in Manila with a nice home, can still be cash – poor, at least that’s my perception!

    I have never lived in the Philippines as a Millionaire – just as the poorest of the foreigners lol …

    I hope you – or someone else from your site can help me in my questions!

    maraming salamat po!


  27. @Tom
    From my personal observations, one can live a very comfortable life with moderate luxuries in Manila with P50,000 a month.

  28. I worked from a largest bank in the philippines, but not today since BDO and EPCI bank had merged. I’m not sure if that styro will fit P1,000,000.00 it’s about 1000pcs. of a one thousand denomination or a 10 bundles of a thousand bills. It’s not possible. But i’m pretty sure it will fit in your two pockets of your pants. Five hundred thousands respectively and tied up tightly with a rubber.

  29. It’s funny I actually calculated how much should I save per month in order for me to become a millionaire, literally (as in 1M) and if I save P29,000/month, in 3 years millionaire ka na! Tama ba?

  30. Yes, Jonha, that’s about right. 😀

  31. Hahaha, its is really something new to me too. Wow! 1M in just one small luchbox! I never thought of that!
    BTW, I wish you luck to have many more in 2011… Good luck 🙂

  32. Grabe! I never thought kakasya siya sa isang styro foam.Every time kakain ako sa fast food, maiisip ko yung 1 million. Awesome post. Wish I can get my hands on one million soon. =)

  33. Don’t get excited with 1M. It’s not so much! It’s just the average cost of a brand new car. Look how many brand new cars are there on our streets. Don’t even get excited with P10M. Why? the difference between P1M and P10M is only zero. When you get your first million, it’s so easy to have the 2nd and 3rd and 4th and so on. It’s just a psychological crossing line that when you cross upon it, you’ll know that the next is very easy and fast. The real challenge for me is to double the net worth (NW) every 2 years up to P5M, then double the NW every 3 years up to P20M, double the NW every 5 years there after up to P150M. How’s that?

    Oppps, don’t react, it’s my opinion!

    And do I think P200M is big? No! I can fit that in my wallet! It’s just one check!

  34. I want to have that! Though 1M for now can be consumed in just a snap of my finger!

  35. 1 million pesos is not really much. It’a about $23,557 dollars U.S. If you were to buy a brand new car like a Toyota or Mitsubishi, you will need more money. It’s certainly not enough for a family. For a single guy, and young guy, that amount could be good to have a few things like a studio apartment but nothing else left. A studio apartment that is nice and has good amenities and is in a good neighborhood would probably cost a lot more. Reality check. 1 million pesos is really not a lot of money. Even $1,000,000 dollars is not much in todays standard especially in some parts of the U.S. like New York City or California where real estate prices are high. Half a million dollars would buy you only a small bungalow fixer-upper that needs some renovation. Then you have property taxes, gas / electric bills, telephone, cable, etc etc. It all adds up if you figure out the real cost of living. And that’s not including personal expenses like medical, dental and eyecare. As well as food, transportation, vehicle insurance, vehicle costs if you are planning to also buy a car or truck, etc etc. Thats just for one person expense. if you have a family (wife and two kids) then you’re in deep trouble if you think a million is enough. Especially if you are the only one working in the family and you have to pay for every expense including everyone’s dental, medical, clothes, shoes, food, school supplies, school tuition, etc etc. Try to add each cost that you think you have to have to live including a telephone for communication or computer internet as well and you’re talking a couple of million dollars at least needed. As it is, the majority of people just live from day to day and not even planning for the future. Everyone is in debt as well with little savings. That’s life if you don’t make enough money from working, then you need to get life insurance in order to make sure that your family has something if you suddenly died.

  36. Nice, sabi ko na nga ba, while reading ur post “law of attraction” ung naiisip ko.. cool cool,

  37. naku hindi lang pala 1 milyon ang kailangan kong iponin para mapuno ko ang maleta ko. kailangan ko pang kumayod ng mabuti para sa pangarap ko.

  38. I love how you ended the article. Funny.

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  40. Nice post… It makes me think things over. Crisp and new 1M paper bill, therefore, would be the like the hieght of a 2 reams bondpaper. Can definitely fit the styro box.
    Thanks for posting. Love reading it.

  41. I do have 20 million pesos liquid cash in my bank right now with $150 cash savings in the states but I still don’t consider myself a millionaire. Am I crazy or just greedy.

  42. Funny post hahaha. Thanks FitZ..

  43. […] yourself, what’s the minimum amount of money you need to say that you’re rich? Is it 1 million pesos? 5 million? 20? Or is it 100 […]

  44. How about weighing it? If you weigh a 100,000 peso allnin 1,000 peso bill how many grams will you get?

  45. […] cash isn’t as big as you think it is. In fact, you can fit ALL of them in two medium-sized StyrofoamÂpackages you normally see during food […]

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  47. No doubt you are No.1 finance blogger in Philippines. Very well-written, good stuff.

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