6 Best Dating Simulator Games Like Summertime Saga (2024)

Summertime Saga is a visual novel format game for people who like to get lost in an immersive story with choices that help shape the narrative.

The game’s best trait is that you don’t have to feel pressured to go in a specific direction, and it has a sandbox-style exploration for you to go about things in any order you want.

You have to manage your time, as there are limited places you can go to in a single day, and you have to decide with whom to spend the time to get to know better.

The NPCs have different routes for each character, and pursuing one, may close off others, so choose wisely. On a positive note, this also means the game has excellent replay value.

The NPCs aren’t generic in appearance or cookie-cutter in personality: you’ll feel like talking to a real person in every conversation. The NPCs have eye-catching character models that steal the show every time they appear on your screen.

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The visuals are stunning, and the sound design is superb; the musical tracks in the background scenes are worthy of head bobbing and humming along. You can play musical mini-games in the Summertime Saga as you go on a date with one of the NPC girlfriends.

Other Dating Simulator Game Suggestions For Players Who Like Summertime Saga

Now that we’ve established what type of game Summertime Saga is, and if you’re a gamer clamoring for more games like it, buckle up! We’ve got six great alternatives to Summertime Saga.

Remember that the games we suggest may not be an exact one-to-one copy of the style or aesthetic, but their matching vibes are within the same ballpark.

Anyway, let’s get started.

6. Dual Family

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Created by game developers Gumdrop Games, Dual Family takes a unique approach to storytelling by giving a choice to players for the game’s protagonist. You can play as either the father or son in the game. The perspective of the players will shift depending on who you play.

The Renpy Engine used in Dual Family allows for beautiful visuals of the character models and captures great emotions within their facial expressions. There is an element of sadness in the story, and you will have to uncover harsh truths that the characters will need time to process.

The game’s emotional core is distinct and will hit you with the feels as many narrative twists and turns get revealed. By empathizing with the family, the bonds will grow stronger, and relationships will develop.

The dual protagonist approach of Dual Family makes the game easy to play again with another perspective, giving a new layer to the story.

How Is Dual Family Like Summertime Saga?

If you like emotional storylines and family drama, then Dual Family is like a distant cousin of Summertime Saga. Both games deal with family dynamics in the story and have excellent visual designs.

The choice-based gameplay is also a shared mechanic in both games. You are going to love playing Dual Family if you like Summertime Saga.

5. Ladykiller In a Bind

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If emotional and straightforward stories with family drama-heavy themes aren’t your thing, you may need to take a vacation on a cruise and solve a mystery, win an election, and try to woo one of the lucky NPCs. Sound appealing? Then I present to you, Ladykiller in a bind.

The gameplay is like a visual novel. There’s a point-scoring system to keep track of, and you must ensure that your character’s suspicion level doesn’t rise. Not only do you have to avoid being caught by others for impersonating your brother, but you can develop a sweet relationship with the potential for romance.

The limited-time schedule means you must be extremely careful with how you spend the day and night. The game autosaves, but you can manually do it as well, so that’s a plus. The game’s anime-themed art style is beautiful and eye-candy for anime enthusiasts.

Is Ladykiller in a Bind Similar to Summertime Saga?

Ladykiller in a Bind is a lot like Summertime Saga because both games won’t nudge you in any direction; you must figure things out yourself. Once you decide on a specific character to pursue, you get locked out of other paths, so again, there’s an excellent incentive for replayability.

Ladykiller in a Bind has some of the most well-written NPCs in a video game. The dialogue and complex expressions on their faces are very similar to the NPCs and writing of Summertime Saga.

4. Snow Daze Music of Winter

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Snow Daze: Music of Winter is a straightforward visual novel game that instantly hooks you with its absurd premise. The game is about family dynamics and how the lead character is the doormat protagonist who his family bullies.

After having enough of the bullying, the game gives our hero the power of music to change the worldview of others about him. He does so and has to avoid getting caught as the origin of the change in everyone.

The narrative is a cat-and-mouse game between the protagonist and the NPCs while forming bonds with his family. The choice of dialogue will determine whether our character is better than his family members or like them and get his revenge on them.

Similarities Between Snow Daze: Music of Winter and Summertime Saga

If you like the outlandish setting of Summertime Saga, you will love playing Snow Daze: Music of Winter. The two games share themes of green protagonists who don’t know what to do with their situations, and you will guide them in their quest to seek companionship.

Both games’ art style and music are fantastic and upbeat, and the dialogue-based choices in the visual novel format are also common points. You’ll enjoy Snow Daze: Music of Winter much more if you love playing Summertime Saga.

3. What A Legend

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The game What A Legend is a comedic take on the visual novel format, and it doesn’t shy away from its simple yet well-advertised themes. The central gameplay is similar to Summertime Saga, where the lead protagonist will go around the world map, talking to NPCs and initiating questlines. However, What A Legend is in a fantasy backdrop setting.

Magical elements usually found in fantasy settings are present in What A Legend. The folklore musical notes are a nice change of pace from the modern-day urban setting, and the game has a humorous tone.

The gameplay will consist of combat and dialogue choices that can end a conflict before any fighting happens. The game is more linear than most visual novels, but there are a few branching paths that also encourage replayability.

Should You Play What A Legend If You Like Summertime Saga?

The fantasy theme of What A Legend changes many things from the city and modern-day background of Summertime Saga, so should you play What A Legend? The answer is Yes! Because the humor and comical relief moments of the game are laugh-out-loud-worthy.

The gameplay is linear and won’t take up much time, but it is worth it because of the beautiful graphics and character models. Every NPC is more fleshed out than in most typical games, and the story, though sometimes non-sensical, is as engaging as the tale of Summertime Saga.

2. Another Chance

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Look no further than Another chance if you want a visual novice with spice cranked up to eleven. The game features a lot of different mechanics that will make sense when you play.

Point-and-click interaction, open-world sandbox setting, side quests where you think about the solutions instead of the game doing everything for you, and romance with NPCs that will leave you speechless are part of Another Chance.

The game has many in-depth branching storylines that will keep you busy as you check out what you missed, and the colorful graphics make each scene feel special and unique. The writing of Another chance is clever and will make you chuckle at the witty retort from the NPCs and the hilarious scenarios the lead character finds himself stuck in.

What Makes Another Chance and Summertime Saga Similar?

Summertime Saga is full of hilarious situations, and so is Another Chance. Both games have friendly, charming, and full-of-life NPCs.

The characters will melt your heart one moment and have you chuckling the next; they always guarantee a good time whenever they appear. The games also include questlines with rewards; if you want to form a good relationship, it will take effort and dedication.

Both games have a protagonist in high school, and they have a home life. The after-school time is when the main characters go out and look for trouble.

1. Melody

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If you want a game heavy on the story but the plot is so engaging that you want to see what happens next, look no further than Melody.

The visual novel game is an impressive tale of a music teacher who’s recently divorced but finds comfort in his profession. He stumbles across a job for home tutoring a bright student passionate about music.

The story focuses on the relationship-building and trust creation between our lead character and Melody, the lead romance character. Your decisions will determine if romance is possible or the relationship will be about being friends who are there for each other.

Melody and Summertime Saga Comparisons

Summertime Saga has a much more varied and open-world gameplay style than Meldoy, which is relatively simple in its scope. However, the area in which Melody shines is the narrative and strong character development.

The writing is excellent, and both games have well-developed side characters that could potentially replace the central romance character. The dating mechanics are similar in both games; your choices matter in determining whether you’ll score.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you go, 6 great alternative dating games like Summertime Saga. We hope you enjoyed our suggestion; please share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’d like to see other types of game suggestions, then check out our piece on 5 Split-Screen Co-op games like A Way Out.

6 Best Dating Simulator Games Like Summertime Saga (2024)
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