The introducation of the CI Unilag teaching site in Afe Babalola Universiy Ado Ekiti(ABUAD)

The University of basbarola is located in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria, and the full name of the school is Afe Babalola Universiy Ado Ekiti (ABUAD). The school was founded in March 2017, before the teaching establishment, the school has opened a Chinese course, a native Chinese teacher in charge of class development, Chinese teaching work carried out formally in March 9th the first batch of a total of two teachers in the Chinese teaching, the first batch of two teachers in August to complete the term of office in September of the same year, the second batch of Chinese teachers his post, began a two-year teaching work.

At present, the Chinese teaching has more than 800 students, in addition to college Chinese courses, University affiliated schools also opened a Chinese course, as well as for the staff of the school of Chinese short training courses. The nature of Chinese class is optional course and interest class. Besides the language teaching content, the daily teaching contents include culture and Chinese talent teaching, such as Wushu, calligraphy, paper cutting and so on.

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